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Welcome to Galvanize Sheffield

Sheffield is synonymous with steel production and the metal trades.

Famed for its production of steel, heavy engineering that shaped the world and fine cutlery, it is a city of endeavour, creativity and craftsmanship.

Metal skills thrive here today through a community of silversmiths and designers who create beautiful and innovative contemporary designs in metal and through the manufacturing of metal products in the city.

Galvanize is a celebration of the past, present and future in all things metal.

It is an affirmation that investing in skills and innovation will ensure that beautiful objects, practical tools and powerful products continue to be made in Sheffield and appreciated around the world.

Marisa Mroczek


ACJ Sheffield is excited to announce their first group show, “Expressions”.

Held at MADE North gallery between Wednesday 20 August and Saturday 13 September, “Expressions” will be a platform to introduce the different, unique styles of this new regional jewellery group, extension of the Association for Contemporary Jewellery.

Artists featured in the show will include renowned professionals as well as new makers, all with a distinct voice and personal style. Among these, Annette Petch, Jessica Briggs, Chris Boland and Tracey Spurgin.

The variety of materials and techniques employed – alongside the diversity and uniqueness of styles – sets the foundations for a dynamic display; ranging from metals to textiles and gemstones, from chasing and setting to casting and stitching, this show will be one you don’t want to miss!

Sterling Silver Galvanize Sheffield Coin


Galvanize Sheffield commissioned artist Johnny Wilkinson (We Live Here) to design the first Galvanize Sheffield coin, depicting 6 iconic buildings in Sheffield with links to metalworking in Sheffield. The coin was sponsored by Made in Sheffield and The Assay Office [read more]

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